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(load "displaylib.scm")
(title "Exercise 2.53")
(print "What would the interpreter print in response to evaluating each of the following expressions?
(list 'a 'b 'c)
(list (list 'george))
(cdr '((x1 x2) (y1 y2)))
(cadr '((x1 x2) (y1 y2)))
(pair? (car '(a short list)))
(memq 'red '((red shoes) (blue socks)))")
; -- My answer
; (list 'a 'b 'c)
; (a b c)
; (list (list 'george))
; ((george))
; (cdr '((x1 x2) (y1 y2)))
; ((y1 y2))
; (cadr '((x1 x2) (y1 y2)))
; (y1 y2)
; (pair? (car '(a short list)))
; #f
; (memq 'red '((red shoes) (blue socks)))
; #f
; FTW!