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(display "Exercise 2.40")(newline)
; -- Defs --
(define nil ())
(define (accumulate op initial sequence)
(if (null? sequence)
(op (car sequence)
(accumulate op initial (cdr sequence)))))
; -- Start --
(define (flatmap proc seq)
(accumulate append nil (map proc seq)))
; --------
(define (permutations s)
(if (null? s) ; empty set?
(list nil) ; sequence containing empty set
(flatmap (lambda (x)
(map (lambda (p) (cons x p))
(permutations (remove x s))))
(define (remove item sequence)
(filter (lambda (x) (not (= item x)))
; (display "Permutations")(newline)
; (display (permutations (list 1 2 3)))(newline)
; Star exercise 2.40
; Define a procedure unique-pairs that, given an integer n, generates the sequence of pairs (i,j) with (1 <= j < i <= n). Use unique-pairs to simplify the definition of prime-sum-pairs
(define (seq start stop)
(if (> start stop)
(cons start (seq (+ start 1) stop))))
; (display "(seq 1 3)")(newline)
; (display (seq 1 3))(newline)
; unique-pairs n -> [ (i,j) | 1<=i<j<=n ]
(define (unique-pairs n)
(flatmap (lambda (i)
(map (lambda (j) (list j i))
(seq 1 (- i 1))))
(seq 1 n)))
; simplified version of prime-sum
; true if m | n
; false otherwise
(define (div? m n)
(= (modulo n m) 0))
; true if n is prime
(define (prime? n)
(lambda (x y)
(and y (not (div? x n)) ))
(seq 2 (floor (sqrt n)))))
(define (prime-sum? pair)
(prime? (+ (car pair) (cadr pair))))
(define (make-pair-sum pair)
(list (car pair) (cadr pair) (+ (car pair) (cadr pair))))
(define (prime-sum-pairs n)
(map make-pair-sum
(filter prime-sum? (unique-pairs n))))
; (display "(unique-pairs 10)")(newline)
; (display (unique-pairs 10))(newline)
; (display "(filter prime-sum? (unique-pairs 10))")(newline)
; (display (filter prime-sum? (unique-pairs 10)))(newline)
; (display "(make-pair-sum (list 3 4))")(newline)
; (display (make-pair-sum (list 3 4)))(newline)
(display "(prime-sum-pairs 10)")(newline)
(display (prime-sum-pairs 10))(newline)