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(load "displaylib.scm")
(load "imagelib.scm")
(title "Exercise 2.49")
(doc "Use segments->painter to define the following primitive painters:
a. The painter that draws the outline of the designated frame.
b. The painter that draws an ``X'' by connecting opposite corners of the frame.
c. The painter that draws a diamond shape by connecting the midpoints of the sides of the frame.
d. The wave painter.")
; Exercise start
(define (outline-frame f)
(list (make-segment origin yunit)
(make-segment yunit one-one)
(make-segment one-one xunit)
(make-segment xunit origin))) f))
(define (draw-X f)
(list (make-segment origin one-one)
(make-segment xunit yunit))) f))
(define (mid-point A B) (scale-vect .5 (add-vect A B)))
(define (diamond f)
(make-segment (make-vect .5 0) (make-vect 1 .5))
(make-segment (make-vect 1 .5) (make-vect .5 1))
(make-segment (make-vect .5 1) (make-vect 0 .5))
(make-segment (make-vect 0 .5) (make-vect .5 0)))) f))
; I won't do the wave painter, I have no data
(define frame (make-frame origin (scale-vect 2 xunit) yunit))
(print "-- draw-line test --")
(draw-line origin one-one)
(print "-- segments->painter test --")
(segments->painter (list (make-vect origin one-one) (make-vect half-half one-one)))
(print "-- Outline frame --")
(outline-frame frame)
(print "-- X frame --")
(draw-X frame)
(print "-- diamond --")
(diamond frame)