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(define (add-rat x y)
(make-rat (+ (* (numer x) (denom y))
(* (numer y) (denom x)))
(* (denom x) (denom y))))
(define (sub-rat x y)
(make-rat (- (* (numer x) (denom y))
(* (numer y) (denom x)))
(* (denom x) (denom y))))
(define (mul-rat x y)
(make-rat (* (numer x) (numer y))
(* (denom x) (denom y))))
(define (div-rat x y)
(make-rat (* (numer x) (denom y))
(* (denom x) (numer y))))
(define (equal-rat? x y)
(= (* (numer x) (denom y))
(* (numer y) (denom x))))
(define (make-rat n d)
((= d 0) (error "0 for denominator!"))
((and (< n 0) (< d 0)) (make-rat (* n -1) (* d -1)))
((< d 0) (make-rat (* n -1) (* d -1)))
(let ((g (gcd n d)))
(cons (/ n g) (/ d g))))))
(define (numer x) (car x))
(define (denom x) (cdr x))
(define (print-rat x)
(display (numer x))
(display "/")
(display (denom x)))
(define one-half (make-rat 1 2))
(define one-third (make-rat 1 3))
; Section 2 Exercise 2.2
(define (make-point x y) (cons x y))
(define (x-point p) (car p))
(define (y-point p) (cdr p))
(define (make-segment begin end) (cons begin end))
(define (start-segment s) (car s))
(define (end-segment s) (cdr s))
(define (avg x y) (/ (+ x y) 2))
(define (mid-point s)
(let ((b (start-segment s))
(e (end-segment s)))
(let ((xb (x-point b))
(yb (y-point b))
(xe (x-point e))
(ye (y-point e)))
(make-point (avg xb xe) (avg yb ye)))))
(define (print-point p)
(display "(")
(display (x-point p))
(display ",")
(display (y-point p))
(display ")"))
(define origin (make-point 0 0))
(define x24 (make-point 2 4))
(define test-segment (make-segment origin x24))
; Section 2.2
; Exercise 2.17
(define (last-pairy xs)
(if (null? (cdr xs)) (car xs) (last-pairy (cdr xs))))
; Exercise 2.18
; Yeah linear time (not quadratic)
(define (yreverse xs)
(define (reverse-iter l r)
(if (null? l)
(reverse-iter (cdr l) (cons (car l) r))))
(reverse-iter xs (list )))
; Exercise 2.19
(define (cc amount coin-values)
(cond ((= amount 0) 1)
((or (< amount 0) (no-more? coin-values)) 0)
(+ (cc amount
(except-first-denomination coin-values))
(cc (- amount
(first-denomination coin-values))
(define (first-denomination coin-value) (car coin-value))
(define (except-first-denomination coin-value) (cdr coin-value))
(define (no-more? coin-values) (null? coin-values))
(define us-coins (list 50 25 10 5 1))
(define uk-coins (list 100 50 20 10 5 2 1 0.5))
; Exercise 2.20
(define nil ())
(define (same-parity x . xs)
(define (f-list t l)
(if (null? l)
(if (t (car l))
(cons (car l) (f-list t (cdr l)))
(f-list t (cdr l)))))
(if (odd? x)
(f-list odd? (cons x xs))
(f-list even? (cons x xs))))
; Exercise 2.21
(define (square-list items)
(if (null? items)
(cons (* (car items) (car items)) (square-list (cdr items)))))
(define (square-list-map items)
(map (lambda (x) (* x x)) items))
; Excercise 2.23
(define (y-for-each f l)
(cond ((null? l) #t)
(else (
(f (car l))
(y-for-each f (cdr l))))))
; -- Section 2.2.2 Hierarchical Structures
(define (count-leaves x)
(cond ((null? x) 0)
((not (pair? x)) 1)
(else (+ (count-leaves (car x))
(count-leaves (cdr x))))))
; Excercise 2.27
(define (deep-reverse xs)
(define (reverse-iter l r)
(if (null? l)
(reverse-iter (cdr l) (cons (deep-reverse (car l)) r))))
(if (not (pair? xs))
xs ; leaf case
(reverse-iter xs nil)))
; Exercise 2.28
(define (fringe xs)
(if (null? xs)
(if (not (pair? xs))
(list xs)
(append (fringe (car xs)) (fringe (cdr xs))))))
; (define x (list (list 1 2) (list 3 4)))
; (define (deeplist n)
; (if (= n 0)
; x
; (list (deeplist (- n 1)) (deeplist (- n 1)))))
; Exercise 2.29
(define (make-mobile left right)
(list left right))
(define (make-branch length structure)
(list length structure))
; a
(define (left-branch m) (car m))
(define (right-branch m) (car (cdr m)))
(define (branch-length b) (car b))
(define (branch-structure b) (car (cdr b)))
; needed for b and c
(define (is-weight? m) (not (pair? m)))
; b
; define exterior to total-weight for question c
(define (total-br-weight br)
(let ((str (branch-structure br)))
(if (is-weight? str)
(total-weight str))) )
(define (total-weight m)
(if (null? m)
(+ (total-br-weight (left-branch m))
(total-br-weight (right-branch m)))))
(define m (make-mobile
(make-branch 3 5)
(make-branch 1
(make-branch 2 5)
(make-branch 1 10)))))
; c
(define (balanced m)
(if (is-weight? m)
(let ((left-length (branch-length (left-branch m)))
(left-weight (total-br-weight (left-branch m)))
(right-length (branch-length (right-branch m)))
(right-weight (total-br-weight (right-branch m)))
(left-mobile (branch-structure (left-branch m)))
(right-mobile (branch-structure (right-branch m)))
(= (* left-length left-weight)
(* right-length right-weight))
(balanced left-mobile)
(balanced right-mobile)))))
; -- Mapping over trees
; Exercise 2.30
(define (square-tree tree)
(cond ((null? tree) nil)
((not (pair? tree)) (* tree tree))
(else (cons (square-tree (car tree))
(square-tree (cdr tree))))))
(define (msquare-tree tree)
(map (lambda (sub-tree)
(if (pair? sub-tree)
(msquare-tree sub-tree)
(* sub-tree sub-tree)))
(define t (list 1
(list 2 (list 3 4) 5)
(list 6 7)))
; Exercise 2.31
(define (tree-map f tree)
(map (lambda (sub-tree)
(if (pair? sub-tree)
(tree-map f sub-tree)
(f sub-tree)))
(define (square x) (* x x))
(define (square-tree2 tree) (tree-map square tree))
; Exercise 2.32 ??? don't understand why...
(define (subsets s)
(if (null? s)
(list nil)
(let ((rest (subsets (cdr s))))
(append rest (map (lambda (sub) (cons (car s) sub)) rest)))))
; -- 2.2.3 Sequences as conventional interfaces
(define (accumulate op initial sequence)
(if (null? sequence)
(op (car sequence)
(accumulate op initial (cdr sequence)))))
; Exercise 2.33
(define (acc_map f sequence)
(accumulate (lambda (x y) (cons (f x) y)) nil sequence))
(define (acc_append seq1 seq2)
(accumulate cons seq2 seq1))
(define (acc_length sequence)
(accumulate (lambda (x acc) (+ acc 1)) 0 sequence))
; Exercise 2.34
(define (horner-eval x coefficient-sequence)
(accumulate (lambda (this-coeff higher-terms) (+ (* x higher-terms) this-coeff))