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(newline) (display "Exercise 2.38") (newline)
; -- Defs --
(define nil ())
(define (accumulate op initial sequence)
(if (null? sequence)
(op (car sequence)
(accumulate op initial (cdr sequence)))))
(define (fold-left op initial sequence)
(define (iter result rest)
(if (null? rest)
(iter (op result (car rest))
(cdr rest))))
(iter initial sequence))
; -- Start --
; For all initial & l =>
; fold-right op initial l == fold-left op initial l
; <=> (op commutative and associative)
; if initial is neutral element of op
; (op x initial) == (op initial x) == x
; Then, it is enough for op to be associative
; for fold-right & fold-left to return the same value.