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// YBioHazardView.h
// YBioHazard
// Created by Yann Esposito on 20/06/06.
// Copyright (c) 2006, Yann Esposito. All rights reserved.
#import <ScreenSaver/ScreenSaver.h>
#import <QuartzComposer/QCView.h>
typedef enum {white=0, black=1, red=2} enumChoixCouleur;
typedef enum {biohazard=0, nuclear=1} enumChoixSymbole;
@interface YBioHazardView : ScreenSaverView
QCView *qcView;
NSWindow *configurationSheet;
NSArray *colors;
NSImage *currentFond, *currentSymbole, *currentDessus;
int choixCouleurLocal;
int heureCourante;
BOOL testMode;
-(void) updateQCViewColor;
-(void) updateQCViewSymbol;
-(BOOL) nouvelleHeure ;
-(IBAction) quit:(id)sender;