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<title>yogsototh/YTodo @ GitHub</title>
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<h1><a href="">YTodo</a>
<span class="small">by <a href="">yogsototh</a></span></h1>
<div class="description">
GTD command line tool
<p>The goal of this project is to manage todo item with many details and to be able to show them in a nice way.</p>
<p>The main input method should be as command line tool.<br/>For example:</p>
<ul class=example>
<li><code>add a simple task</code></li>
<li><code>a a task with higher prioriy!</code></li>
<li><code>+ a task with lesser prioriy?</code></li>
<li><code>+ a task with even higher priority!!</code></li>
<li><code>+ a task with due date #tomorrow</code></li>
<li><code>+ a task with start and due date #Wednesday,"10 July"</code></li>
<ul class=example>
<li><code>+ a simple task within a context @Context</code></li>
<li><code>@context context and project [project]</code></li>
It is very similar to
<a href="">ikog</a>.
But I lacked some features:
<li>add duration of a task</li>
<li>Starting and stoping task (to remember duration) of one or many tasks in parallel</li>
But I appreciated the idea of having an easy to keep with you
todo list (on a USB stick or whatever).
<p>From now it is only in early development.</p>
<p>rubygems chronic</p>
<p>Yann Esposito (<br/><br/> </p>
<p>Yann Esposito (<br/> </p>
You can download this project in either
<a href="">zip</a> or
<a href="">tar</a> formats.
<p>You can also clone the project with <a href="">Git</a>
by running:
<pre>$ git clone git://</pre>
<div class="footer">
get the source code on GitHub : <a href="">yogsototh/YTodo</a>