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GHC/Cabal Heroku Buildpack

This is a custom Heroku buildpack for Haskell applications that are built using GHC and Cabal.

Version / Dependencies

Based on the current (as of this writing) Haskell Platform (2011.4.0.0 -> GHC v7.0.4).

Work will be done after some level of stability to update this buildpack to support GHC 7.4.x soon thereafter.

The goal will be to allow some variance of GHC and Platform versions. At present there are zero plans to actively support GHC 6.x with this buildpack. If it happens to work, then great, otherwise you are free to fork this repository to make it work for your needs.


Experimental; in progress - still testing.


Like other buildpacks you will need to specify the buildpack when creating your Heroku application. Something like the following:

heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack

You will also need to specify environment variables after your app is created. For instance,


These should be your S3 base URL for the GHC bootstrap and Platform distributions respectively.

More to be said, but I am too tired to write it now.

Check back soon.