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Clojure library for Druid.

clj-druid eases druid integration providing a client as well as a set of [Schema] ( to validate queries. Current version is up to date with latest query API from official docs.


Add the following to your Leiningen project.clj:

latest clj-druid version



Connect to a druid cluster through Zookeeper, this method supports auto detection and update of available brokers for easy HA/load balancing

(use 'clj-druid.client)
(connect {:zk {:host ",my-other-zk-host:2181" ; can contain multiple hosts separated by commas
               :discovery-path "/druid/discovery"
               :node-type "druid:broker"}})

you can also connect by supplying a vector of hosts, useful for dev, local testing

(use 'clj-druid.client)
(connect {:hosts [""]})


Issue druid queries supplying

  • a load balance strategy [fixed random]
  • a queryType
  • a query in the following form
(def q
  {:queryType :timeseries
   :dataSource "sample_datasource"
   :granularity :day
   :filter {
     :type :and
     :fields [
       {:type :selector :dimension "sample_dimension1" :value "sample_value1"}
       {:type :or
         :fields [
           {:type :selector :dimension "sample_dimension2" :value "sample_value2"}
           {:type :selector :dimension "sample_dimension3" :value "sample_value3"}]}]}
   :aggregations [
     {:type :longSum :name "sample_name1", :fieldName "sample_fieldName1"}
     {:type :doubleSum :name "sample_name2", :fieldName "sample_fieldName2"}]
   :postAggregations [
     {:type :arithmetic
      :name "sample_divide"
      :fn "/"
      :fields [{:type :fieldAccess :name "sample_name1" :fieldName "sample_fieldName1"}
               {:type :fieldAccess :name "sample_name2" :fieldName "sample_fieldName2"}]}]

   :intervals ["2012-01-01T00:00:00.000/2012-01-03T00:00:00.000"]})
   (let [client (connect {:zk {:host ""
                          :discovery-path "/druid/discovery"
                          :node-type "druid:broker"}})]
     (query client random (:queryType q) q)
     (close client))

To run a query without runtime validation of the query against a schema (using the q from above:

   (let [client (connect {:zk {:host ""
                          :discovery-path "/druid/discovery"
                          :node-type "druid:broker"}})]
     (execute client random q)
     (close client))
;; if you want to validate
   (let [client (connect {:zk {:host ""
                          :discovery-path "/druid/discovery"
                          :node-type "druid:broker"}})]
     (s/with-fn-validation (execute client random q)) ;; s is plumatic/schema
     (close client))


An example using compojure-api to spawn a full druid API is located in the examples folder

git clone
cd clj-druid/examples
lein ring server

Have Fun!


Copyright © 2015 Guillaume Buisson

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.