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(defproject puppetlabs/http-client "0.7.1-SNAPSHOT"
:description "HTTP client wrapper"
:license {:name "Apache License, Version 2.0"
:url ""}
:min-lein-version "2.7.1"
:parent-project {:coords [puppetlabs/clj-parent "0.3.3"]
:inherit [:managed-dependencies]}
;; Abort when version ranges or version conflicts are detected in
;; dependencies. Also supports :warn to simply emit warnings.
;; requires lein 2.2.0+.
:pedantic? :abort
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure]
[org.apache.httpcomponents/httpasyncclient "4.1.2"]
[io.dropwizard.metrics/metrics-core "3.1.2"]
:source-paths ["src/clj"]
:java-source-paths ["src/java"]
:jar-exclusions [#".*\.java$"]
;; By declaring a classifier here and a corresponding profile below we'll get an additional jar
;; during `lein jar` that has all the source code (including the java source). Downstream projects can then
;; depend on this source jar using a :classifier in their :dependencies.
:classifiers [["sources" :sources-jar]]
:profiles {:dev {:dependencies [[puppetlabs/kitchensink nil :classifier "test"]
[puppetlabs/trapperkeeper nil :classifier "test"]
[puppetlabs/trapperkeeper-webserver-jetty9 nil :classifier "test"]
;; TK-143, enable SSLv3 for unit tests that exercise SSLv3
:jvm-opts [""]}
:sources-jar {:java-source-paths ^:replace []
:jar-exclusions ^:replace []
:source-paths ^:replace ["src/clj" "src/java"]}}
:deploy-repositories [["releases" {:url ""
:username :env/clojars_jenkins_username
:password :env/clojars_jenkins_password
:sign-releases false}]]
:lein-release {:scm :git
:deploy-via :lein-deploy}
:plugins [[lein-parent "0.3.1"]
[puppetlabs/i18n "0.6.0"]])