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Haskell Syntax/Indentation

I was unhappy with the Haskell scripts that are shipped with vim, therefore I decided to make my own based on idris-vim.

I hope you find this useful.



  • Covers a broader spectrum of keywords
  • Highlighting for new features like type families, pattern synonyms, arrow syntax, recursive do
  • More contextual highlighting (e.g. highlight 'as' or 'family' only in approriate places)
  • Smarter indentation


I recommend using Pathogen for installation. Simply clone this repo into your ~/.vim/bundle directory and you are ready to go.

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Manual Installation

Copy content into your ~/.vim directory.

Be sure that the following lines are in your .vimrc

syntax on
filetype on
filetype plugin indent on



To enable the features you would like to use, just add the according line to your .vimrc.

  • let g:haskell_enable_quantification = 1 to enable highlighting of forall
  • let g:haskell_enable_recursivedo = 1 to enable highlighting of mdo and rec
  • let g:haskell_enable_arrowsyntax = 1 to enable highlighting of proc
  • let g:haskell_enable_pattern_synonyms = 1 to enable highlighting of pattern
  • let g:haskell_enable_typeroles = 1 to enable highlighting of type roles


To configure indentation in haskell-vim you can use the following variables to change indentation depth, just add the according line to your .vimrc.

  • let g:haskell_indent_if = 3

      if bool
      >>>then ...
      >>>else ...
  • let g:haskell_indent_case = 5

      case xs of
      >>>>>[]     -> ...
      >>>>>(y:ys) -> ...
  • let g:haskell_indent_let = 4

      let x = 0 in
  • let g:haskell_indent_where = 6

      where f :: Int -> Int
      >>>>>>f x = x
  • let g:haskell_indent_do = 3

      do x <- a
      >>>y <- b
  • let g:haskell_indent_in = 1

      let x = 1
      >in x