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<title>YBlog - send mail from command line with attached file</title>
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<h1>send mail from command line with attached file</h1>
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<p>I had to send a mail using only command line. I was surprised it isn’t straightforward at all. I didn’t had <code>pine</code> nor <code>mutt</code> or anything like that. Just <code>mail</code> and <code>mailx</code>.</p>
<p>What Internet say (via google) is</p>
<div class="sourceCode" id="cb1"><pre class="sourceCode zsh"><code class="sourceCode zsh"><a class="sourceLine" id="cb1-1" title="1">uuencode fic.jpg fic.jpg <span class="kw">|</span> mail -s <span class="st">'Subject'</span></a></code></pre></div>
<p>I tried it. And it works almost each times. But for my file, it didn’t worked. I compressed it to <code>.gz</code>, <code>.bz2</code> and <code>.zip</code>. Using <code>.bz2</code> format it worked nicely, but not with other formats. Instead of having an attached file I saw this in my email.</p>
begin 664 fic.jpg
M(R$O=7-R+V)I;B]E;G8@>G-H"GAL<STD,0H*9F]R(&QI;F4@:6X@)"@\("1X M;',@*0H@("`@9&-R 20H96-H;R`D;&EN92!\(&%W:R`M1EP[("="[<')I;G0@" ... M93U<(FUO="-<(CX\=F%L=64^/&ET96T@;F%M93U<(F-T>%]M8UPB/BD\=F%L
M=64O/B@\+VET96T^*2-<)#$\=F%L=64^)&ME>7=O<F1S/" ]V86QU93Y<)#(C end < pre>
Not really readable.
After some research I found the solution.
Use MIME instead of `uuencode`.
Finally I made it manually using `sendmail`.
I didn" t dare to use `telnet`. The command to use is: ~~~~~~ {.zsh} sendmail -t -oi < mailcontent.txt ~~~~~~ Of course you need to create the `mailcontent.txt` file. It should contains: <pre>
Subject: View the attached file
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="-"
This is a MIME encoded message. Decode it with "Decoder"
or any other MIME reading software. Decoder is available
at <http:>.
Content-Type: image/jpeg; name="fic.jpg"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: inline; filename="fic.jpg"
<p>And to obtain the “encoded” file in base64 I used:</p>
<p><code classs="zsh"> uuencode -m fic.jpg fic.jpg ~~~~~~</p>
<p>That is all. Sometimes technology is so easy to use. If I need it another time I should consider to make a shell script to automatize this.</p>
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Published on 2010-08-31
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