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My experience with Scrum in a small startup.
Mostly negative, but there are good lessons to learn.
I was a new recrue in a small startup.
I was a new recruit in a small startup.
I started just about 6 month ago, and we did have a CTO, and 4 CEOs.
Part of the team were remote, (the CTO and another member).
@ -27,7 +28,7 @@ It was quite stressful and difficult to plan.
They told us about hiring someone whose responsibility would be to plan the
work, because it is a full-time work in itself.
They guy looked cool, it told us about how he envisionned the work.
They guy looked cool, it told us about how he envisioned the work.
It was "mostly" SCRUM, not full scrum. Mainly he will always be the scrum
master, he will be responsible of planning, priotirizing and organizing tasks.
This was indeed a lot of work.
@ -73,3 +74,26 @@ Quite often it is better to eat the cake, keep a lot of fixes, urgent
tasks on the side to take the time to work on the important stuff.
The one that is hard to build, the one that will make the real difference
in the market.
Manager scrum/any kind of process common misunderstandings:
1. Do your agile stuff (like work your ass off even on the week-end)
2. Yes agile to have more control about you slackers
3. Ah you have given a random number about the difficulty of the task, this
mean I can translate it in number of days, and this is a contract ;)
And all this kind of bullshit.
It is normal to understand that managers need to have some vision about the
time a task might take.
It is normal to understand that managers need to see who is performing well
or not, and how this could be enhanced.
But, Scrum looks like a magical solution. It is not.
If fact, any kind of *process* could be and will be tricked and played off by
the players.
The only thing that matter is:
- make a distinction between important vs urgent tasks
- make every player want to play in the same game as the managers, people
need to want to do something.