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#+title: Utopia (2013)
#+description: The Utopia (2013) UK TV Show is probably the serie you don't know how much you want to see.
#+description: And let me tell you how much you should probably take a look during COVID19.
#+description: The Utopia 2013-2014 British TV Show deserve a lot more love.
#+description: In the age of COVID19 it is even more relevant.
#+description: The filmography is magistral, as well as the soundtrack,
#+description: acting, and overall atmosphere.
#+description: I really urge you to at least take a look at the opening scene.
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#+author: Yann Esposito
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#+CAPTION: Utopia
Utopia UK TV show is just a great serie that almost nobody seems to know
There are so much great things about it I have a difficult time to know
where to start.
I wanted to write an article about the show a lot of people around never
saw and I believe are just great.
[[][Utopia (2013)]] UK version (not the US one) is one of these TV Show I
believe deserve more attention.
The *filmography* is both excellent and original. I have never see another
film/TV show with a similar ambiance.
The usage of colors is magistral.
The *filmography* is quite original.
I have never see another film/TV show with a similar atmosphere.
The usage of bright colors is magistral.
Flashy yellow, green, red.
People wearing yellow clothes.
The *soundtrack* is also pretty excellent and help the overall feel.
Also not the typical soundtrack you're used to.
A lot of originality here too.
The *acting* is just perfect, also the actors are UK great actors.
The actors are not bimbos (like in most US series) where every actor
needs to look good enough.
The *acting* is perfect.
Actor are quite relatable, they looks and act as real people.
Not the (super)heroes you are used to.
We are far away from a every girl is a bimbo and every guy is a
The *scenario*, in regard to the events related to COVID19 is just perfect.
This is focused on the complotist theory.
But this one turn out to be quite interresting and very close to the
current events.
The balance between an incredible brutal violence and nonchalance really
add to the horror.
It seems to reflect our modern world where people generate extreme violence
but from a distance due to logical conclusions.
The *Surrealistic Humor* atmosphere make the viewing experience quite
There is a mix between apparent nonchalance and extremely brutal violence.
It really puts you in a surrealist feeling.
People perform extreme violent acts as if there were no choice.
As if the act of violence was inevitable.
As a conclusion, if you are looking for a very innovative TV show then
search no further this one is great.
If you are still unsure, try to search and watch only the opening scene.
This is already so great.
If you cannot stand the first scene, this is probably not for you.
search no further this one is a great original choice.
If you are still unsure, just watch the opening scene, it is quite incredible.
ps: Also try to get the original content. Amazon Prime apparently cut some
very important scene and also changed the ratio which hurt the very good
image work.