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<p>Hi all!</p>
<p>The more you wait to do something, the more difficult it is to start doing it. {: cite=“” }</p>
<p>I had to write another post for this blog. I had added many article idea in my todolist. But, I made many other things, and I’ve always said (until now), I’ll do this later. What changed my mind is the haunt of this simple remark about how to be productive in programming. &gt; Stop write <code>TODO</code> in your code and make it now!<br />
&gt; You’ll be surprised by the results.</p>
<p>In short: &gt; <strong>Just do it!</strong> ou <strong>Juste fait le</strong> comme auraient dit les nuls.</p>
<p>Finally I’ll certainly write blog post more often for a short period of time.</p>
<h3 id="what-did-i-do">What did I do?</h3>
<p>I finished some web services/application for <a href="">gridpocket(c)</a>.</p>
<p>I also finished to update my blog engine to nanoc3. The difficult part was to handle nicely multiple languages. But I should detail why in a future post.</p>
<p>I also have a <em>real</em> life. I enjoyed some vacancies with my family.</p>
<p>I work with <a href="">Luc</a> on a simple ruby REST/JSON/API oriented framework. It works fairly well, with really few bug until now. We planify to make a simple todolist tutorial. May be in two to three blog posts. This framework is not public for now. It will certainly be after we’ll create some simple web service with it and made a nice website for it.</p>
<p>Then what I plan to do from now:</p>
<li>finish to make a public web service (I believe it can be popular)</li>
<li>finish to write the associated iPhone application for it</li>
<li>finish to publish our private framework to make web services</li>
<li>publish some articles about this blog (at least 3)</li>
<li>provide the sources of this website on <a href="">github</a></li>
<p>There is some random in some of these achivement mostly because they don’t depend totally on me.</p>
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Published on 2010-05-17
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