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Detoxify the Web

We are currently in an age were where you take your eyeball is a valuable resource. As such there are professional, and a lot of smart ones, whose only job is to ensure you pass more time looking at what there is best in their interrest, not yours.

There are a lot of techniques to grab your attention and not letting it go somewhere else.

  • animation

  • colors

  • gaming the relationship

  • entertaining

All of them are in fact not really problematic. But now, this is too much. So in order to feel calm again we need to have better control of what we see, are exposed to.

If you take a look into the gopher sphere, you discover a lot text-oriented world. Of course there are pictures, but not in the middle of the article.

So mostly text. No gif, no animation, no music, no video, just textual content.

We passed from a world where there was too much textual content, to a world filled with meaningless animations, colors, pictures, effects, popups, etc…

Detoxify the web

Here is my solution:

  • remove all the styles of all the websites so a lot of website cannot be used anymore that way.

  • replace by a default focus oriented style.

My only solution is to start a proxy between me and the web, I take the content and do a lot of cleanup. I remove all the CSS (faster), I use my own (nicer and contolled)

Simple and efficient.

This transformation should be done by the client.