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On Scrumm

It is of good taste these day to critique Scrumm. Here are my 2cents

Personal Experience with Scrum:


  • Fear and counter arguments


  • Time lost in meeting

People tensions

  • instead of tamming it made everything worse.

Management: The root of all evil?

The root of the problem is between the developpers and the managers.

  • Manager: I want a great product, I want to finish it fast, I want my customers to love it

  • Developer: I want a great product, I want to finish it fast, I want customers to love it

What could go wrong?

  • What Manager means: I want a great product: I want to sell it!

  • What Developer means: I want a great product: I want it to use the last technology, with the last code organization/quality trends

  • Manager: I want to finish it fast: I don't want to listen to technical discussion, this looks like something easy to do. It should be in my hand in few weeks.

  • Developer: I want to finish it fast: I want to keep the code clean to be able to add new changes fast with confidence (without breaking anything) this certainly means, testing + testing environment + proofs …

  • Manager: I want customer to love it: They should buy more and more. The product should be useful.

  • Developer: I want customer to love it: User should enjoy using it. The product should be simple, clean, natural, beautiful.

The two meaning are'nt completely opposite. Still they are quite different.

What could we do about it?

How to solve the problem?

  • Spoiler: you can't.

The root of all evil is "it looks easy, do it". Proof, a guy made the same thing in PHP in 2003, or I saw the same shit in Flash around 1998.

You have two choices:

  1. Use tools to finish your work fast, but the cost is very to maintain and modify.

  2. Use tools that enforce quality, you'll have a starting cost.

Error not to do:

  • Manager ask for something, you use your l337 H4X0R cape and you show him something in less than 10 minutes.

  • Manager believe that everything should be as fast

  • Discover what you did was just a terrible hack, and take 2 days to finish it correctly.

  • Manager doesn't really understand why he saw it right now, and has to wait many days to really have it in production.