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Haskell web site.

Editing pages

If you’re just here to contribute a content change, read this section.

All pages that are produced by markdown are here. To contribute changes simply fork this repo and open a pull request. It will be merged and redeployed in short order.

If you want to edit a page which has some custom code in it, you’ll want to see the next sections for building and running instructions. Maybe also take a look at architecture.

If you want to include Haskell code samples in markdown, use:

``` haskell
main = putStrLn "Hello, World!"

If you want to include Haskell code samples in Haskell code pages, use:

haskellPre "main = print 123"
haskellCode "peyton `simon` jones"

Pre for <pre> block, code for <code> span snippet.


Clone the repo:

$ git clone

You need one of these GHC versions:

  • GHC 7.6
  • GHC 7.8

Create an hsenv:

$ cd hl
$ hsenv
$ source .hsenv/bin/activate

You need the right package set. Add the following to your .hsenv/cabal/config, replacing the Hackage reference:

  • If you have GHC 7.6:

    remote-repo: stackage:
  • If you have GHC 7.8:

    remote-repo: stackage:

Now just run:

$ sh scripts/pull-build

To do the above cabal update, submodule, install, etc.



It runs at: http://localhost:1990/

Manually running the binary:

$ dist/build/hl/hl

Running from inside GHCi:

> :l DevelMain
> DevelMain.update

Run this every time you want to update the web handler in-place, as in this demo.

If you use Emacs, you can just bind it to a key:

(define-key html-mode-map [f12] 'haskell-process-reload-devel-main)

Just hit f12 to recompile and restart.


It uses Yesod and an MVC organization.

Templates are written in senza, a convenience wrapper to blaze-html. There is presently no database.


I use this style for code. You don’t have to use this style, I can reformat patches as they come in.