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Setup a simple web site, with an easy to remember URL:, and acting as a hub which lists the incoming technical events in Sophia-Antipolis.

The rational

A lot of great stuff is happening in Sophia:

... but it's not always easy to follow all the sources.

Some people ask about a place that lists them all... here is a simple attempt that tries to answer this need.

How to run it

Clone de repository

$ git clone

Run the wrapper scrip

$ cd www && ./

A web server is run locally, the timeline is available on port 8000



  • make a clean and appealing header
  • display event logo in the corner opposite to the date
  • define events.json file describing all the events
  • use simple Mustache templating to build index.html
  • Add tab listing past events
  • modify css to have more items on the same page
  • Expose RSS feed
  • Add TLS
  • create a backend to automatically fetch events form list of sources
  • have fun on this side project :)


The first version is based on the vertical timeline created by Sava Lazic