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When reporting a bug, please write in the following format:

[Any general summary/comments if desired]

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Remove directory blah.
  2. Run command stack blah.
  3. Edit file blah.
  4. Run command stack blah.


What I expected to see and happen.


What actually happened.

Here is the stack ---version output:

$ stack --version
Version 0.0.2, Git revision 6a86ee32e5b869a877151f74064572225e1a0398

Here is the command I ran with --verbose:

$ stack <your command here> <args> --verbose

With --verbose mode we can see what the tool is doing and when. Without this output it is much more difficult to surmise what's going on with your issue. If the above output is larger than a page, paste it in a private Gist instead.

Include any .yaml configuration if relevant.

The more detailed your report, the faster it can be resolved and will ensure it is resolved in the right way. Once your bug has been resolved, the responsible will tag the issue as Needs confirmation and assign the issue back to you. Once you have tested and confirmed that the issue is resolved, close the issue. If you are not a member of the project, you will be asked for confirmation and we will close it.