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Refactor snapshot diffs
7 years ago
all-snapshots.hamlet Snapshot list 8 years ago
all-snapshots.lucius Restyle snapshots page 8 years ago
default-layout-wrapper.hamlet Open search description files 8 years ago
default-layout.hamlet Remove all social features 7 years ago
default-layout.lucius Fix footer alignment on mobile #74 8 years ago
doc-list.hamlet Module listing page 8 years ago
download-stack-list.hamlet Add missing files 7 years ago
homepage.hamlet Add back old homepage 8 years ago
homepage.lucius New homepage and new top nav (#52) 8 years ago
hoogle-form.hamlet StackageHome mostly working 8 years ago
hoogle-form.lucius Tweak hoogle style and behavior #47 8 years ago
hoogle.hamlet Remove experimental (closes #110) 8 years ago
hoogle.julius Put the cursor at the end of the hoogle search box #47 8 years ago
hoogle.lucius Tweak hoogle style and behavior #47 8 years ago
package-counts.hamlet Add /package-counts 8 years ago
package-counts.lucius Add /package-counts 8 years ago
package-list.hamlet PackageList 8 years ago
package-list.lucius Package list restyle (closes #18) 8 years ago
package-snapshots.hamlet Fix warnings in Handler.Package 8 years ago
package.hamlet Lay out module listings hierarchically 7 years ago
package.julius Fix expanding/collapsing README/ChangeLog 7 years ago
package.lucius Lay out module listings hierarchically 7 years ago
snapshots-nav.hamlet Snapshot list pagination now correctly uses row count to determine whether the last page has been reached. 8 years ago
stackage-diff.hamlet Refactor snapshot diffs 7 years ago
stackage-home.hamlet Query database to get the preceding SnapName 7 years ago
stackage-home.lucius Give stack instructions (fixes #113) 8 years ago
upload-haddock.hamlet /lts and /nightly routes are set up 8 years ago
upload-stackage.hamlet Basic first (very plain) style up 9 years ago
upload.lucius Style tweaks/adjustments 9 years ago