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Echo.hs Remove !MIN_VERSION_time(1,5,0) conditional 6 anni fa
Foundation.hs Download links for latest Stack (fixes commercialhaskell/stack#532) 6 anni fa
Import.hs Got rid of trivial ghc warnings 6 anni fa
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Build Status

Server for stable, curated Haskell package sets

This repo is part of the Stackage project, and the live server can be viewed at

Inside the config directory, there are two files ending in -sample. They should be copied to remove the -sample suffix for the site to work. We do it this way to avoid accidentally committing real database credentials into the Git repository.

Running the server will automatically download an SQLite3 database from S3 containing package metadata and snapshot information. Note that this is unlike previous versions of this codebase, that stored that information in PostgreSQL, and required that local development uploaded its own snapshots.

The SQLite3 database is generated by the stackage-server-cron executable in this repository.