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Update readme for later GHCs

Michael Snoyman 9 years ago
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@ -48,3 +48,19 @@ Notes
Make sure to have Cabal-1.16 installed in either your global or user database,
regardless of any sandboxing, as custom build types require it to be present.
You must build with cabal-install 1.16, due to several important bug fixes.
Using a non-Haskell Platform versions of GHC
By default, Stackage bases itself off of the Haskell Platform for determining
which packages are core packages, and locks down package versions to match the
Haskell Platform selections. This works fine when you are compiling with the
same version of GHC as the Haskell Platform was built on. If you're using a
different version of GHC, you'll probably need to use the following options for
the `select` call:
--no-platform --use-global-db
The former says to disregard Haskell Platform package versions, and the latter
says to determine which packages are core packages based on their presence in
the global package database.


@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#!/bin/bash -ex
runghc app/stackage.hs select
runghc app/stackage.hs select $*
runghc app/stackage.hs check
runghc app/stackage.hs build
runghc app/stackage.hs test