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Make html that doesn't suck from Pandoc

Pandoc is great, but sometimes, you simply want a complete html page from one source file.

And in this case, most of the time the result sucks, simply because the default rendering in any browser is just hideous.

This utility just create a directory containing a complete local website with a nice CSS from any list of sources file. It is particularly useful for literate Haskell files. But also a bunch of markdown.

It is not as fine grained as hakyll but it is good enough.


mkdir ~/Sites
git clone https://github.com:yogsototh/static-pandoc-template ~/Sites
# add spt to your PATH
export PATH=$PATH:~/Sites/static-pandoc-template

If you want to install it in another directory, just change the curdir variable of the spt script.


To compile all lhs files of the current tree directory:

spt **/*.lhs

This will create a static-pandoc directory. For each lhs file there will be an html file.