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twitter-api changelog


  • changed all URLs to use https scheme (thanks tjoy)


  • removed the dependency to adamwynne/clj-oauth and moved to main clj-oauth
  • removed the user suggestion tests as the endpoint seems down


  • removed some extraneous .json's in uris (thanks Takahiro Hozumi)


  • upgraded the lein dependency to 2 (and removed the plugins - should be .lein/profiles.clj)
  • upgraded the async library to 0.5.0


  • bumped the search api version to 1.1 (thanks Aaron Steele)
  • incorporated some recommendations from Kibit (thanks Seymores)


  • BREAKING CHANGE: changed the REST function naming convention to the one described in the readme
  • updated the tests to reflect the new function names
  • added this changelog (recursive overload!)