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-- | Settings are centralized, as much as possible, into this file. This
-- includes database connection settings, static file locations, etc.
-- In addition, you can configure a number of different aspects of Yesod
-- by overriding methods in the Yesod typeclass. That instance is
-- declared in the Foundation.hs file.
module Settings
( widgetFile
, PersistConfig
, staticRoot
, staticDir
, Extra (..)
, parseExtra
) where
import Prelude
import Text.Shakespeare.Text (st)
import Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax
import Database.Persist.Sqlite (SqliteConf)
import Yesod.Default.Config
import qualified Yesod.Default.Util
import Data.Text (Text)
import Data.Yaml
import Control.Applicative
-- | Which Persistent backend this site is using.
type PersistConfig = SqliteConf
-- Static setting below. Changing these requires a recompile
-- | The location of static files on your system. This is a file system
-- path. The default value works properly with your scaffolded site.
staticDir :: FilePath
staticDir = "static"
-- | The base URL for your static files. As you can see by the default
-- value, this can simply be "static" appended to your application root.
-- A powerful optimization can be serving static files from a separate
-- domain name. This allows you to use a web server optimized for static
-- files, more easily set expires and cache values, and avoid possibly
-- costly transference of cookies on static files. For more information,
-- please see:
-- If you change the resource pattern for StaticR in Foundation.hs, you will
-- have to make a corresponding change here.
-- To see how this value is used, see urlRenderOverride in Foundation.hs
staticRoot :: AppConfig DefaultEnv x -> Text
staticRoot conf = [st|#{appRoot conf}/static|]
-- The rest of this file contains settings which rarely need changing by a
-- user.
widgetFile :: String -> Q Exp
widgetFile = Yesod.Default.Util.widgetFileReload
widgetFile = Yesod.Default.Util.widgetFileNoReload
data Extra = Extra
{ extraCopyright :: Text
, extraAnalytics :: Maybe Text -- ^ Google Analytics
parseExtra :: DefaultEnv -> Object -> Parser Extra
parseExtra _ o = Extra
<$> o .: "copyright"
<*> o .:? "analytics"